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Meet Thokozani Msimang.

In 2014, Thokozani Msimang was working as a gardener at his Silindokuhle Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

He had been asked to help out temporarily and, over time, the practitioners at the centre would ask him to also assist them during the children’s outdoor play activities.

It was during this time, observing the practitioners’ interaction with the children, that he developed an interest in education.

Six months after Thokozani had started as a gardener, Silindokuhle’s Pre-Grade R practitioner had to relocate very suddenly. This inspired him to ask the Centre supervisor if he could be upskilled and trained to take up the role of Pre-Grade R practitioner.

“I had heard about The Unlimited Child programme a few times,” Thokozani says, “and I saw how it helped new practitioners become very good. And I thought, wow, if I could have that, I could really make a difference.”

A new Opportunity.

In July 2014, Thokozani was trained via The Unlimited Child’s programme.

Our rapid-impact programme helped give him the necessary foundational understanding of ECD to be able to step into the role as Pre-Grade R practitioner.

Furthermore, our Continuous Professional Development programme has helped him hone his skills and improve his classroom practice.

Thokozani had the benefit of a proven pre-planned curriculum to follow and all the resources and tools to be able to confidently implement a quality programme. And it worked.

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Aiming for Excellence.

With the success of Thokozani’s new role and the confidence he acquired through it, he decided to start studying towards attaining his NQF Level 5 in ECD at Embury College.

At the same time, his love and passion for ECD motivated him to take part in the National Development Agency (NDA) ECD Awards, where he won first place for best ECD practitioner in KZN.

In 2016, Thokozani was named one of the NDA’s prestigious “Best ECD Practitioners in South Africa”.

Thokozani is currently studying towards a Diploma in Grade R Education, and he is also running an afterschool homework programme for primary school learners in the Hammarsdale region.

A great Partnership.

Today, Thokozani is a valued member of the Hammarsdale ECD forum.

Furthermore, he’s even assisted us at The Unlimited Child in facilitating annual refresher courses for other ECD practitioners within the community.

Looking back, this immense success was the result of Thokozani’s own drive and passion to want to learn and give back to his community.

It was due to the guidance of The Unlimited Child programme that helped enable him and make his success possible.

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